Friday, October 17, 2008

Approaching Winter

Ever wonder what the rest of the country might
be like toward the end of October. I used to
speculate, as northern nights turned cold. In
fact, in parts of the north, you designed or
bought a Halloween costune for your kids and
made sure it was big enough to fit over a snowsuit.

We've lived in a lot of places in the US and
fall always meant leaves changing color and
dropping to the earth to be accumulated and
burned. It meant getting out winter coats and
sweaters and remembering to check the coal
or oil for winter heating.

Here in the deep south, things are very different.
You sigh with relief that a hurricane passed you
by this year, you don't need to unpack winter coats
or sweaters because you don't have any, and
most of the homes are electric. A fireplace or
small heater, in case it gets cold, probably in
late December or January is all you need. I'm
told it's been 20 years since it snowed. And I
love it!

We do worry about the plants having enough moisture
in the ground to last the winter so we don't have
to water. There's an occasional thought about
stacking the pile of fire wood, but it's only
a small thought because the pile is tiny, maybe
a dozen quartered logs.

Now you understand why we love living in the south,
since we never did like the cold. Snow at
Christmas was nice, beautiful even, but the ice
and gray slush, the need for two wardrobes, the
expense of heating the house made winter a trial.

Nope! Southern living is definitely for me. Warm
weather, fresh seafood, the blue waters of the gulf
(when they behave) and the friendliness of the
people make this a wonderful place to live.

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