Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Life with the Kitten

As I said, we have an addition to the family, a
tiny black kitten. Well, that was a month ago.
That kitten is growing up.

And he is developing some very bad habits. I've
lost all my house plants... I had baskets of
large potpourri around the house. Notice, I said
I did. Now the stuff is all over the floors.
Great toys.

I can no longer work contentedly at my computer.
Nope, he wants attention, so he jumps on my lap,
crawls onto the desk, via the keyboard and sits
in front of my monitor. He's big enough now to
block the screen (or most of it!)

But, he's a cute little bugger and I'm not at all sorry
we have him. He'll be great - when he gets a
little older.

Until then, I've discovered if I have to do any
serious writing, I better close my office door.
It's closed now. Or I would never have gotten
this post written.

That's my life with our kitten...

As ever,

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