Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Change seems to be the big word at the moment.
So I decided to make a few changes myself -
kinda like New Year's resolutions.

First, I decided to scrub and wax the kitchen
floor. I've been sticking to it for weeks now.
And I finished yesterday. It took all day, for
I have a BIG kitchen.

Thursday the newest addition to the family,
Wallie, goes to the vet for his surgery. The vet
assures me it's a simple procedure, and not too
painful for the little guy, but necessary
because I don't want a howling, parading male
cat rounding around looking for a mate.

I also decided I'm not going to get stuck in the
kitchen this season making dozens of Christmas
cookies nobody needs, or should eat - me included.
I'll make just two kinds and of course, my usual
toffee. That's all, except maybe a batch of old
fashioned fudge.

Then there's my books. I working deligently on my
WIP and I'm delighted to say, it is coming along
nicely. I'll have it completely rewritten before
Christams - I hope.

And I'm going to change the amount of Christmas
decorations this year. A lot fewer than usual.
I'll keep reminding myself, what goes up must
come down. That should do it.

Yep! Gonna make some changes.

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