Sunday, November 16, 2008

Facing Cold Weather

I thought I might diverse today. Instead of talking
about cleaning - which I thoroughly dislike - or
my cats, even my writing, I'd talk about cold

Why, you ask?

Simple, it's snowing in place where I used to
live, so today I'm going to reminisce.

I lived in northern Indiana for a time, and believe
me it snows there. I remember coming home from
teaching, with my own young children in the back
seat of the car, and praying I could make it up the
only hill in town without sliding to the side of
the road like so many of the cars ahead of me. Hard
to remember what it felt like to face four foot snow
drifts, but they were there and the weatherman
has told us we were only going to get flurries.

I also remember coming home from teaching in
Michigan, because that's what I did for many years,
and again the weatherman said only flurries. We
got out of school at noon, with two feet of snow
on the ground and no sign it was going to stop
snowing. I was met about three miles from home
by the sheriff, who asked if I thought the road was
passible. I told him, yes, at the moment, but
not for long. He closed the road on my say-so!
Still don't understand that one.

Then there was the time we couldn't leave the house
for three days because of the snow - four feet of
the white stuff. We took the kids on a slide to
buy milk at a local store still open because the
owner lived within walking distance of his store.
I think we got the last gallon of milk.

Wow! No wonder we are enjoying the south so much!
I understand it snowed here some twenty years
ago. Boy! That's for me.

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