Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spring - Maybe

Okay, part of the country is still reeling from
snow and cold. I've been there. I remember only
too well, the snow fall the week after Easter,
in late April, and the gray slush that followed.
I also remember black ice, and tree limbs littering
the ground, scattered under a sheet of ice.
Nasty, truly nasty.

And that's why we moved south! Now, while the rest
of the country prepares for another round of storms
I'm looking out my window and wondering how soon
the trees will bud.

Spring makes a bit of a problem for writers also.
Here I am, thinking about what I want to plant, where
and how soon, when I should be concentrating on my
next book.

Okay, I'll be good, and stop peering out the window.
I'll knuckle down and pull up the current chapter.
Yes, after just one more peek out the window...

"Heartsong" nominated as Novel of the Year
"A Treasure For Sara" coming in March

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