Monday, January 26, 2009

Great News

Every once in a while, an author's work is
recognized and is it wonderful.

My publisher just notified me that "Heartsong"
has been nominated as novel of the year. I've
been named with four other authors as having
written a book good enough for such a title.
On April first the best of the best will be
named "Book of the Year". I'd love to have
that title, but just to be nominated is a
huge thrill.

Along with the information about the nomination
I also got the cover for my March release, "A
Treasure For Sara". I'll share the cover in a day
or two.

This is one of those times when being an
author is truly exciting. Time to celebrate!

"Heartsong" nominated by
Champagne Books as novel
of the year.

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ghost writer said...

Where do you go to get your book covers done? We are putting out a book on Dr. King's assassination and the FBI agent who made the arrest of James Earl Ray possible. Would the people who do your covers be appropriate for us? I'm at .