Sunday, March 01, 2009

Writing with weather in Mind

This morning, I got a picture from our oldest
who lives in the middle of Alabama. His porch,
swing, and car are covered with snow!
Snow - in the deep south. WOW!

My daughter in Texas was practically in tears when
I told her Alabama was going to get inches of
snow. She loves the white stuff. The oldest son
of course isn't that crazy about the condition.

This has been a brutal winter. Even when we lived
in Michigan, the winters weren't this cold - most
of the time. But, here we are on the Gulf, the
temperature will be freezing tonight, the snow
in the middle of Alabama will turn to ice because
it's going to be much colder there. And this is
suppose to be the start of our spring~!

That leads to speculation. Since I write Historicals
I'm intrigued with what the weather was like in
the stories I write. Good old Mother Nature goes
from hot to cold routinely. Most people don't
know that during the era of Henry the Eight, the
River Thames froze over. It had to be dreadfully
cold during those years. If I ever get around to
placing a book during that time period, I think
weather would have to be a very important part
of the story.

HMMMMMMMM...... I wonder. The author's favorite
question - - What if?

Off to think about a book with a lot of cold weather
in it.

"Heartsong" available now
"A Treasure For Sara" released this week!

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kim-free ads posting said...

I love to read stories from cold weather.I hope you get to write a good one.