Friday, April 03, 2009

It's been a while! Sorry about that

Last night was one of the greatest nights in my
writing life.

Why? Because my publisher, Champagne Books, named
last year's release, Heartsong, as their BEST NOVEL

Every author strives to write a compelling, intriguing
novel the reader can't put down from page one. And
every author likes to know they've achieved that
goal. But seldom do readers step forward to tell
you it was a good, or better yet, a great book.
I was once told, for every one fan letter an author
gets, there are 5000 readers who wanted to
write. Doesn't sound right, by those aren't my

Anyway, to keep writing and publishing, an author
needs feedback, and because it doesn't always
come from readers, the very next best thing is to
have your editor panting for your next book, or
awarding you BEST Novel Of The Year.

So... I'm pleased, grateful, astonished, delighted....

You get the picture. And my kids won't believe it.

"Heartsong" Best Novel Of The 2008
Published by Champagne Books
"A Treasure For Sara" Available now.

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