Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Watch out for the FLU!

Oh, boy! This one is a doosy! You guessed it!
I caught the flu. And I wash my hands and have
bottles of hand sanitizers around the house.

Okay, so I got it anyway.

According to the symptoms listed by the CDC,
I had the swine flu, and I sure can see why
they are scared to death. If it will be worse
this fall, I'll be one of the first in line
for the vaccinations.

In the morning, I felt just fine, made telephone
calls, pulled up my e-mails, started on my replies,
then flew to the bathroom. I won't go into the
details but for the next 24 hours I thought
the world might end. The chills and fever are
truly debilitating.

I'm still a bit weak, guess it will take
a day or two to fully recover, but let this
be a warning. This flu is bad. I can only
pray it won't get worse. It sure put a stop
to my getting the sequel to Heartsong
finished. I'm back at it, but slowly.

Going to take a rest now and recover.

A Treasure For Sara available
now in digital and print.
Heartsong named novel of 2008
Both available from Champagne Books.


Julie Robinson said...


I am so sorry to hear that you had to suffer with that. Please take more than a day or two to recover. Certainly wouldn't want a relapse! I just came back from Bell County in Texas and the news there said they had something like 200 + cases in the county alone. The DH was not sure he wanted me to come back right away!

Anyways, I came over to your site 'cause I was checking Kerri's guest blog on Book Wenches that you commented on. And the first thing I was drawn to was the title, "A New Kitten." They are so precious!!! Got 3 kitties myself. The pics with the printer are hilarious.

Take care of yourself,

Allison Knight said...

Thanks Julie. I only hope no one who reads the post gets the flu. This one is not good.

And, we love our cats. Fond of dogs too, but we live close to a busy highway, no fences so a dog is out of the question.

I'd have to say, in our life time, we managed to house at least five dogs, at different times, and three times that many cats. I've always felt children need the responsiblity of caring for animals. Develops a sense of responsibility - I hoped!