Monday, November 23, 2009

Okay, a long time between posts!

And this post will not make some people happy. Sorry about that,
but in this instance, I can't keep silent. Tomorrow I'm going to
tackle another subject that will also offend some people. But,
there are times when you have to say something. Today and tomorrow
are those days for me.

Today, I'm going to talk about the Catholic Church and Abortion.

I'm a Catholic. I went to a couple of Catholic schools, I also
attended a Catholic college. Not only that, but I have relatives
in various positions in the church. I not only learned from my
education, but also from my relatives. And, I'm going to "lay
it on the line" so to speak.

Several years ago, the Pope, who Catholics believe, is the successor
of Christ on earth, spoke out about abortion. He said that the only
way a lay member of the church (as opposed to the clergy) could be
excommunicated (which means you are not a practicing member of the
church until, or unless you realize and admit you are wrong) was to
have, participate in or promote abortions.

Okay, so you have an abortion, that doesn't mean you are no longer a
Catholic. But it does mean, you shouldn't practice being a Catholic,
(receive communion, marry in the church, receive confirmation, along
with the other sacraments which really wouldn't apply - like being
baptized because you would already have been baptized.)

I can't explain why the bishops haven't stepped forward to comment about
all the politicians who promote abortions. I only know what I know to
be true in the church. You really shouldn't try to receive the sacraments
if you are promoting abortions. However, let's face it. That's between
you and God. Personally, I just wouldn't want to get on His bad side.

Tomorrow it will be the Harlequin mess, and I do mean mess!

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