Sunday, July 05, 2009

Working through Writer's Block

Ugh! Trying to write and you hit a wall. It happens to
every writer I know. I never thought it would happen to
me, but every once in a while, the words stop. Now, the
question has to be - how to get them started again.

Some of my past methods for combating Writer's Block, have
been to leave the computer, grab another author's book, and
read for a while. That does seem to help. If things don't
improve, I get out another book I'm working on and write
on that one for a bit. But, not suprisingly, sometimes
that fails too. I've grabbed my knitting, or crocheting
and tried that.

As I said UGH!!! That has also failed. Then I heard a friend
talk about making time to write. I decided to try some of
her suggestions. Low and behold, if the number of pages
you've decided to write for the day, are small enough, guess
what? You can do it.

I've set my daily goal for four or five pages. No, that's not
much but before, I always sat at the computer with at least a
chapter, or two or three scenes in mind. That doesn't work for me.

Another suggestion. Stop in the middle of a scene, or even in the
middle of a sentence. Heh! even that works. You go back to the
computer read that sentence fragment and at least for me, the
words start to follow.

So a big thanks to Kelly L. Stone. If you write or even want to write,
and could use some inspiration - like me, take a look at Kelly's web
site. Her workshops are great. Kelly L. Stone

PS. Kelly doesn't even know I'm writing this. I was just so impressed
I had to share.

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Kelly L Stone said...

Thanks Allison! You've been an inspiration to me, too! I try to write 5 pages per day on a current work in progress, then spend other time doing PR work, editing, and so forth. I'm so glad my workshop helped you.

I'll be presenting my TIME TO WRITE workshop at the Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight & Magnolia's conference in October.

Best wishes,