Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our fourth of July

For us the fourth will be quiet. I'm gonna fix the traditional
hamburgers and corn on the cob, but because it's so hot, I'll
cook inside.

I truly love summer. It's not my favorite season. I believe spring
would quality there, but summers were always fun. Cook-outs, picnics
boating on Lake Erie, camping trips with the kids. Yep! Summers
were fun.

Now I watch our children doing the kinds of things we did when they
were younger and I realize now even more than then, that traditions
passed down from one generation to another are important ties to

Here in the United States, we have the right and the freedom to pass
on those things we value, like traditions, holidays, family morals.
God help the world if this country can no longer stand on those
things which have made us the country that we are.

Of course, almost all of our citizens come from different countries,
or at least their families did. My sister is our research expert on
countries of origin, so I have to thank my ancestors from England, Wales,
Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and Germany, as far as we know, for giving
up everything they owned to strike out for a land little of them knew
anything about. Thanks to all of them, we live here, work here and
play here. Now, it's time to go to play.

As Ever,

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