Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Harlequin Mess!

Harlequin, I believe, is the largest publishers of romance
novels in the world. I'm talking print books now.

Recently, the owners of Harlequin, announced they were going
to encourage those people who were rejected by the editors of
the different Harlequin imprints to submit their work to a
publisher who would require the author to pay for the
privledge of having their work printed. Okay, that's
self-publishing, but Harlequin didn't stop there. No,
they added that the more you pay the better chance you
had of getting distribution, having a cover designed for
you, having your work edited. Next they want a good part of
your profits, as much as 50%. That's not self-publishing! That
called vanity publishing. You are willing to pay anything,
and in any manner to get your name in print!

I hate the idea of paying someone else for my work. I'm not going
to do it. I've worked long and hard to become an author. I took
classes, I wrote, networked, joined critique groups. And, I
listened. I learned. I can only hope I'll be smart enough to
keep on learning, to improve my skill. But I won't pay someone
else to design a cover, edit my book, or offer distribution.
Not if they are going to keep half the profits. I've earned
those, and any writer who has worked at his/her craft, should
resent being asked to share. Pay for the printing, okay. In fact,
I can see a need for companies who are willing to print your
material in book form. Your thesis for example, or your new
theory, or your specialized experiments in a specific area.
But that's where it ends. At least for me.


John Atkinson said...

Allison, I couldn't agree more. I resisted going down that path ten years ago. A good publisher will pay advances for your book and royalties every six months. I didn't have to jump through any hoops. Best, John

Gwyn Lacy said...

Thanks for your insight. Sincerely.