Sunday, December 27, 2009

The New Year and Resolutions

Another year, and it's now time for New Year's Resolutions.

Most people don't make it through the first month of
their goals, and after all these years, I think I might
have an idea why. They come up with a list of four or
five (maybe more) different resolutions and all of them
worthwhile (of course). A lot of people will list losing
weight as one of those goals. ( I used to do that!)

They don't seem to succeed. Why?

I discovered a couple of years ago, one important
resolution, well motivated, can be kept. Only one!
That way if you concentrate on keeping just one
your chance of success increases. If you fall off the
band wagon, you can get back on, if it's the only
thing you are concentrating on.

I know of what I speak. At 69 I was fat. Not plump,
but fat... I weighed enough to put me in the obese
catagory. I had trouble breathing, my joints were
falling apart, and in general I was in poor health,
diabetic, high blood pressure, uncomfortable and
frequently at the doctor's office. I was begging
for a stroke or a heart attack at the very least.

I decided I wanted to live longer than I was going
to if I didn't lose some weight.

I made up my mind (this would have been about the
thousandith time I'd decided) to lose weight. How
many inches, or dress size no longer mattered. I
set that as my only goal. The house, the books, nothing
else was as important. I would lose weight.

So everyday I climbed on the bathroom scales, I forced
myself to leave half the food I put on my plate for
both breakfast and lunch. And believe me when I say it
was hard, for I love to eat. For supper, it was salad and
fruit. In between, if I got hungry, I drank tomatoe
juice or V-8 juice, those little cans.

It took two years, but I lost over a hundred pounds.
I don't see the doctor as often, I no longer have
a blood sugar problem and I still weigh myself every
day. Most important, I feel good. If I notice I've
gained a couple of pounds, I'm eating salad at night
for supper, cutting out any of the cookies and candy
I now occasionally indulge in. But, it worked. One
goal set, one goal accomplished. It can be done.

So take a look at your resolutions. Pick one, just one!
The most important. If I did it, at my age, anyone can!

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