Thursday, January 07, 2010

Record Keeping

A new Year - and I've just spent days putting all
the records for 2009 together. Many years ago,
when my husband kept the records, he set a program
up using spread sheets. When I took over, and
under his supervision, I continued with his program.

Why? you asked. Well, my dad worked for the dreadful
organization called the IRS. He was an auditor, back
in the days when the collectors and the auditor worked
in different departments. Dad was probably the most
honest person I've ever known. He couldn't have
cheated or lied to anyone about anything if his life
depended on it. He also made it clear the most
important thing you can do when working with the
IRS, was have records - of everything. If it was a
legit expense and you had the receipt, you could
deduct it.

To this day, I have almost every receipt for every
penny that went into the business, or the household,
for the entire year - and for all the years before.
My only problem is storage, 'cause, although I scan
business receipts, I don't scan household receipts.
So, yeh! I do have a few. (grinning) Boxes and Boxes!

I can only smile thinking about our kids going through
all the receipts when they have to clean up after us.
Oh, I know I don't need to keep anything older than
seven years (great having a father with all the rules
at hand) but I still keep everything for a lot longer
than that. Just think, I can compare prices for
groceries, books, computers supplies dating back
nearly a decade. If I looked - maybe longer!

Allison, now trying to find another box for the
papers from this year so I can get back to writing.
"Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch"

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