Monday, February 08, 2010

Bubbling with joy!

I just found out that one of my books
has been nominated as a Best Historical
Romance for 2009. Last year 'Heartsong'
won my publisher's Best Novel of 2008
and now my next book "A Treasure For Sara"
has been nominated for 2009 by a widely read loop
of Romance readers.

Some of the other books also nominated are really superior
books and the authors well known, so, I'm bubbling.

I think now I'll just have to go fix myself a LARGE
Hot Fudge Sundae to celebrate. Okay, I'm a chocoholic.
When things are wonderful I celebrate with chocolate.
When things are bad, I console myself with chocolate.
This calls for a huge dose of Chocolate.

Hot Fudge qualifies.

To see the list go to Love Romances and More and visit
their yahoo loop.

Battlesong, the sequel to award winning
Heartsong, available in August.
The Haunting of Hastings Hall, a short Gothic
available in March from Red Rose Publishing

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GladysMP said...

Congratulations and best wishes in the competition! Seems like you are on a winning streak.