Friday, January 29, 2010

Now we've done it!

Stretched out under computer is our new kitty. Well, she
isn't really a kitty, and I'm hoping she'll come out and meet
our other two cats today.

Two cats and we've added another? We must have lost our minds.
But no, I don't think so. Reason - our big cat is growing old. (HMMMM)
Reminds me of me. But LS doesn't want to play all that much,
and our little Wally likes to play. Solution. Get another cat.
So Celine is under my desk. She's a cross-eyed, blue eyed part
Siamese about two years old.

If she decides she likes it here, and comes out from under my desk
I'll be putting new pictures up on my web page.

But the way she's hiding, don't look for any pictures for awhile.

In the meantime, I'll just have to work on the next book. This one
is a romance set during the time of the London fire. I started this
book years ago, and I think this heroine may be my favorite.
A red headed vixen who is not at all happy with the thought
of marrying a second time. In fact she really is not pleased
with any man, especially the King of England who named her
second husband.

In a time when disagreeing with the royal could be a time to
lose your head, my Judith does a lot of arguing.

This is definitely a woman after my heart!

Now to coax Celine from under the desk.

Award winning "Heartsong" available now.
"Battlesong" the sequel will be available in
August. Watch for the short Gothic, "The Haunting of Hastings Hall"
from Red Rose Publishing available in March

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