Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Month and a New Book

The end of the first week of March will see another book
become available. This is called a short. It's only
20,000 words and that makes it a book of five chapters.
It's a Gothic, a genre I love to write. Again, the
heroine of the story is an orphan and there are two
men veying for her attention.

This time however, I've written a ghost into the

Which of course, begs the question. Do I believe
in ghosts? Yep, I do. The last house we owned had
a ghost. Yes, it did. I can hear the skeptics.
But our ghost, probably a woman, died shortly
after she left the house, a house built for her
by her loving husband.

An accident on the property put her in a wheelchair,
and when the husband discovered he couldn't work and
care for her and the house, he was forced to sell.

However, even though the house had been sold and
she moved out, after she died, I do believe she
came back. It was her house, build for her and
she simply didn't want to leave.

The couple of times we left to travel, she made
her displeasure known by setting off the internal
alarm forcing the local police to visit and discover
nothing was wrong. One day my husband was in the
office working. I distinctly remember doing the
laundry in another part of the house. Suddenly
the alarm went off. No reason that we could find.
We insisted the company who installed the alarm
check their installation. It was perfect.

On another occasion, my daughter, her husband and
their two girls stayed over while we were traveling.
They called to tell us they were leaving the house.
It seems doors banged, cabinets opened and closed and
something jumped on the bed during the night. The
girls were sound asleep in another part of the
house and couldn't have been responsible. Both
daughter and her husband were shaken by the event.

So, yes, I believe in ghosts. However, I didn't
tell the people who bought the house from us about
the spirit who didn't want to leave. I often
wonder if she bothers them as much as she bothered
us. Maybe she found her way to the other side. I
certainly hope so.

Read about my ghost at Red Rose Publishing You'll find it
in the romance under gothic tales. The digital
edition will be available March 5th.

"The Haunting at Hastings Hall" available March 5th.
"Battlesong", the sequel to award winning
"Heartsong" available in August.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Allison Knight said...

Glad to have helped. What on earth are colleges teaching these days that a bit about a ghost might help? Just curious.