Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silkens Sands Conference in Pensacola Beach, FL

Today the conference is over and although I didn't get to attend that much of it, but what I did get to go to was fabulous. If you write romance and want a good conference, this is the one to attend. Excellent workshops, beautiful surroundings, after all it's on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico and the southern ladies are friendly, helpful and organized. The chapter president, Amanda Collins and Conference Chair, Cynthia Eden

I love small conferences. You don't get lost in the shuffle and you get to renew old friendships, and meet new authors. You get to tell some old friends, like Catherine Mann, how much you enjoyed her new book, and you get to meet new authors to look at their work.

Me presenting my workshop

But it isn't just the authors you get to meet. This conference boasted a number of agents and editors from various houses. I got to work with Lindsey Faber from Samhain Publishing Company a digital and print publisher, compare the two and consider where the market is going. We talked about the growing importance of the digital market and had e-readers to demonstrate. Lindsey Faber of Samhain Publishing with Amanda

Over thirty authors particiapted in a Public Booksigning. Here's Fran McNabb, our previous conference chair at the booksigning.

Last but not least I got to meet people I've want to meet for a long, like Barbara Vey who came to see us this year. Barbara blogs at PW about romance and what a gracious lady. I tried to talk her into moving south, but I don't think I convinced her, although she did promise to visit again. She said it was supposed to snow in the north where she lives. We had bright sun, a bit of a breeze, not too warm, but fun anyway. Today is a bit bitter, but the weather is warming. It does that in the south.

The flowers are in bloom, spring is here (I hope) and I'm waiting for the newest crop of strawberries. Nothing like a bowl of Alabama berries, topped with heavy cream. Now, I'm hungry so off to fix something to eat.

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Manda Collins said...

Wonderful summary, Allison! I was so glad to see your workshop. It did turn out to be a great conference.