Monday, March 29, 2010

You Know You're in Trouble when...

You know you're in trouble when you go to the hospital and people start saying
"Hi, how are you?" and "Are you back again?"

Dear heavens, I managed to land in the hospital a week and a half apart!
This time I feared I was finished. I had the worst chest pain I've ever
had in my life. I KNEW I was having a heart attack. (Maybe I should stop
watching all the women on TV advertising asprin because they had a
heart attack) I had classic symptoms, and if that's what it feels
like my sympathy to anyone who's had a real attack.

Thank the lord, mine was a severe reaction to medication I was taking
(and had taken several times before) for my persistant lung condition.
Now, yes, I'll stay away from the drug for the rest of my life. Not
going to take that one for any reason...

I've been trying to figure out how to put my experience in another
book, but so far, I've come up blank. It would have to be a contemporary,
and I'm in the middle of historicals.

Well, just another tidbit to store away in my crowded brain to perhaps
use another day. In the meantime, I've got my conference under my belt
I'm ready to apply fingers to keyboard, and finish my 17th century novel.
I'm also playing around with another short story, and I want to visit
an idea I had about New Orleans.

Spring for us meant a trip from cold, gray Michigan to the flowering
south and a week in New Orleans during our Easter break. Oh, such glorious
memories. Today was the kind of day, bright sun, clear skies, flowers
everywhere, that made me think of New Orleans and as usual, characters
starting talking and dancing around in my head. I should be used
to it by now, however, crazy how just the kind of day sets something
like another story, an idea, or characters playing with my mind.
Now I need to make a few notes, so the idea doesn't slip away.
They have before.

Off to find paper and pencil and start scribbling.

"Battlesong", the sequel to "Heartsong"
available from Champagne Books In August

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