Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ever wonder if writing for the digital market if for you?

On May 3rd for two weeks I'm going to be teaching a class
on the digital market. If you are an author and wonder if
e-publishing is for you, you might want to consider taking
the class. I'm joining a prestigious group of authors who have
taught for this writing university and am honored that they
asked me to particiapate with my knowledge of the digital

If you are interested REGISTER now for registration is closed
after May 1st and the class is limited.

With seventeen books, some for a big NY house, some for the
digital market, and after a lot of research, which I'll share,
the information I provide should help you make a decision
best suited to your writing goals.

And I promise - not too much homework!

Story Stew University

Watch for "Battlesong" coming in
August, the sequel to "Heartsong"
from Champagne Books

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