Monday, May 31, 2010

My excuse this time

I haven't been blogging lately. Simply reason. I had to
clean the house so we could party for our 50th wedding
anniversary. Party over, now I'm married for 50 years
to the same guy. I've said it before! No wonder I write
historical romance.

I've also completely revised a short novel about a
misplaced valentine. Yep, another historical, but
this one is short only about 25,000 words. Sounds
like a lot, but it's a quick read and it will be
out in February.

At the moment I'm waiting for the edits for "Battlesong".
It's a sequel to "Heartsong". I revisit the characters
from the first book, but they are not central to the
story. This one stands alone as will the next one, "Windsong".
This is what happens to an author when you can't let go
of your characters.

There is one more plotted. It's called "Lovesong". Then I'll
be on to something else. Lots of idea, just not enough time.

"Battlesong" coming in August
"Roses for My Lady" in February
from Champagne Books

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