Sunday, September 05, 2010

Playing Nursemaid

For several years now, we have all been trying to get
my DH (Darling Husband) to have his right knee repaired.
Years ago, when the kids were younger and we were boating,
we stopped to eat, threw in the anchor, had lunch, the kids
swam, and it was time to leave. My DH was trying to pull
the anchor in, I was at the wheel. He yelled go, I throttled
back a bit too much and he went down, right knee on a
brass chock, a big one; it was a big boat.

Since then he has endured a lot of pain and was getting
to the place where he couldn't walk. Nearly all of our older
friends and relatives have had replacements and done very
well. So he finally relented, had the surgery and I get to play

Oh, boy! I didn't know what I was in for. My nice kinda
organized life is not the same. Trips to therapy, running
around to make sure nothing's in the way of the walker,
trying to get what he needs where he needs it. Whew!

He has never had a stint in the hospital for any length
of time, nor been this confined...

And I'm not that good a nurse. (grinning) Well I taught
school. I never did much nursing. Fortunately for my kids,
they were very healthy.

Despite my poor attempts at playing the nurse, he's progressing
well. What wonderful things they can do today. He'll be up
and around, and in only a matter of a couple of weeks, new knee
and all. Then maybe I can get some writing done.

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