Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time on the 'net'

I've spent a lot of time on the 'net' this month, and writing for the net.
I've been asked to do a number of articles and blogs with the publication
of my latest book, and although I love doing them, I'm having a hard
time finding time to write.

I took time out this week to sort and straighten the stacks of papers,
hard copies of things I wanted to save when I stumbled across a list
of goals I'd made for myself months ago. I'm ashamed to admit I
haven't met most of those goals.

Oh, I can offer all kinds of excuses, but the truth is I'd forgotten to
remind myself what I intended to get accomplished this month.
I did revise the web page. I have done the promoting I needed to
do, but writing... Will, that took a back seat.

What have I done to improve the situation? Easy. I posted those goals
on my desk, beside my computer. Each time I turn the computer on
or off, I'll see those goals. What is the old saying....

Out of sight, out of mind! I guess for me it applies.

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