Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas mess

Whew! Finally, I can take a deep breath.
I usually make cookies and candy about
two weeks before Christmas. We make up
plates of goodies for friends and delivery
them a day or two before Christmas.

However, this year as I made cookies,
I discovered that after the first sheet
or two of each kind, the next sheets
appeared to have been baked too fast.
By the time I had four different kinds
baked, with the same result, I decided
something was wrong. I used my oven
thermometer to check the temperature.

Okay, so I'm a little slow.

Oh, Yikes! Once I turned on the oven it just kept
heating. So the batches of cookies not quite right
were baked at 450 or more degrees, when they should
have been baked at 375. On top of that, the family
was coming for Christmas and I had a big ham in the
refrig to bake. Fixing the oven the week before
Christmas was not going to happen. (The parts would
take from six to eight weeks to arrive, if they
could figure out what was wrong.)
What do you do?

You go buy a stove, that's what you do.

Right after Christmas, the galley for
"Roses For My Lady" arrived. Between football
games I worked on the galley. The cover is here and
the book will be available in digital format on the
7th of February. I think my covers get better and better!

What do you think?

Happy Reading!

"Roses For My Lady"
Available in February from Champagne Books

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