Monday, January 10, 2011

Two interesting bits

Soon I'll be posting a blog from an author friend.
We've agreed to share blogs, so you don't have to
listen to (read) me all the time. So, that's the first
bit. I'll post her blog's URL on the 18th, when I will
visit her. When she's ready to post here, she'll post
my blog address on her blog. So I think you will find
her work fascinating. Be sure to check back often to
see when she'll post.

The second bit is almost important. I'm a great believer
in the digital market. All but one of my children and my
husband reads books on the Kindle. I have a Sony, and one
of my granddaughters has a Nook. This week, I take each
day to lead you through my adventures into digital
publishing on Novel Spot.

You'll need to register to make a comment but you can
read about my experiences by going to:

Novel Spot - Behind the Scenes

watch for Roses For My Lady available
from Champagne Books in February

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