Saturday, May 14, 2011

More on May Day

On the first of May I mentioned I would have more to say on
May Day. But as usual, life got in the way. However,
I used some of the information I learned in Battlesong,
the second medieval romance and I want to share.

The "may pole" was used about the time of my novel.
It consisted of a large log, trimmed of branches, and
bark, lugged into the village, because by the 13th century
villages were growing all over England. The log, now an
official pole, was set in the village square.

Next it was decorated with ribbons and flowers. Dancing,
singing, eating and drinking took place in the square,
all around this May pole. On this day the girls of the
village were allowed to sing and beg for coin. The flowers
were blooming, new ale was ready, spring was in the air.
It was a time for celebration.

Next we'll look at the religious celebrations and what May
Day means to some people today.

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