Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Holly's books are a very different cup of tea from
the historical romance I write, but is great fun
to meet authors who write in genres different from

So, please welcome Holly Hunt.

The Devil was never a fun person. After attempting to seize power from God, he was assigned to the Pit of Flames and painted black as night by humanity. The Prince of Darkness has been causing havoc, torment, disease and disaster for the hell of it for thousands of years.

But what if that's not how it went down?

Lucifer Morningstar (please, for the love of Tartarus, don't call him "The Devil") lives in New York City, a place infested with a gang called the Hellraisers. Tormented by the death of his wife Sera at the hands of God, he takes little care and pleasure in his favourite activities—cooking and reading fantasy books—let alone bothering to save (or tempt) humanity from themselves.

Clarissa Avario is a woman on the wrong side of both lines. A former Hellraiser now on their hit list, she's beyond the protection of both the corrupt police force of New York City and the Hellraiser leader she used to love.

When Lucifer saves Clarissa from those same Hellraisers, a spark of romance blossoms. Despite repeated warnings from her cat Aspen, Clarissa falls in love with Lucifer. And if there's one thing that can topple God's careful and logical running of the universe (brought to you by Heaven Inc.), it's love. Love is unpredictable.

Love is tragic.

Love is power.

To prevent the loss of Her throne, God must fight back against Lucifer and Clarissa. But how do you defeat the purest of loves, let alone Lucifer Morningstar?

A bit about Holly:

Born in 1990, Holly Hunt's exposure to reading started at birth with the likes of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, her mother’s favourite authors. At the age of 15, Holly began to experiment with her writing. Her first serious novel was almost 180,000 words long and followed the exploits of a half-breed Fire Elemental through 5,000 years of the world’s history. Since then, Holly has completed over a dozen books, ranging from werewolves taking over Canada to disease-ridden vampires saving the world from insane yetis and Bunyips.

Visit Holly's Blog --- RHYTHEM POETS


Holly Hunt said...

Thanks for having me, Allison! It was fun.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Enjoyed reading more about The Devil's Wife, Holly!

Jude Johnson said...

I just downloaded my copy of The Devil's Wife, Holly! I am really looking forward to reading it.