Thursday, June 16, 2011

The joys of having children

The gang just left - or part of it. Too bad they
couldn't all be here. One is in school and one
is much too far away.

I'm referring to our kids. Our two sons, one who
lives close and one 5 hours away, were both here
for the last several days. Our granddaughters,
again one close to us and another 6 hours away
were here as well along with a young fellow who
does look like he may join the family by marrying
one of our granddaughters.

They sat in the living room, everyone being
teased by the partiarch, as they watched old
movies. Well, movies made in the 70's and 80's.
There was no way with all the laughter and the
general chaos I could do any writing. I've
tried when they've all descended in the past
and it just doesn't work. So, I either join in
the fun, or if I can't stand to see that movie,
or see it again, (aren't DVD's great - HA!) I
read. But would I trade the chaos for anything?

A resounding 'NO'! The kids had a great time,
my husband had a great time, and although my
ears still hurt - they are a loud bunch - I
love having them all here.

As the saying goes - a great time was had by all!
Now, back to the computer and Windsong.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch

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