Saturday, July 02, 2011

My life is a bit chaotic

I'll begin at the beginning. (grinning) All stories
begin at the beginning.

Last Saturday, my husband went out to the garden shed
at the edge of our property to feed our resident
outside cats and sundry other animals who come to be
fed. He spotted a gray and a yellow tail. Kittens!
When our son arrived to check on us,(he stops by
after work) we told him about the kittens and he
went out to check and came back for a flashlight.

Four, he said. And the shed was no place for them.
So, early Sundy morning he caught all four and brought
them inside to us. I put them in our second bathroom.
The intent was to take them to our vet on Monday morning.

When we got to the vet, his assistant came running out
of the office. They couldn't take them; they already
had kittens running out of their ears. I wasn't about
to take them to the local shelter for they would be
killed. So we found out we needed a big, and I do mean
big, dog cage, cat food, liter box and a place close
to us to tame them.

So I now have four adorable kittens in a cage in my
living room. Which wouldn't be too bad but the other
three adults cats, our cats, are having fits. I have
home for two and hopefully will find homes for the
other two. I'd better find homes for the other two.
My adult cats will not tolerate kittens.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch.

And information about my WIP (work in process)
and my short Story scheduled for a December
release tomorrow.

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