Thursday, July 07, 2011

An author's shinning moment

Some have asked me what value there is in writing Romance.

There was one shining moment in my early career which gives purpose to what I do.

I'm a retired school teacher but for nearly thirty years I taught school. When I started writing I was teaching Home Economics in the high school. At the time, I was forty something (No woman tells her true age.) I was definitely seen as the grandmotherly type.

One afternoon, as I hurried to the workroom for something, (I don't remember what) one of my male students, a senior, stopped me in the hall. He wanted to know if he could talk to me. He wanted to talk about my novel. By this time, I got a bit defensive if anyone said they wanted to talk about MY book because in my conservative district a romance author teaching Home Ec was frowned on by some parents.

He indicated he wished to have his say someplace private, not in the hallway, so we went to a corner of the library. I assured him we would talk, and I figured, "Oh boy, here it comes again! Another - shame on you, or how could you, or my parents..." I'd heard it all before.

However, once we gained a quiet corner, he hung his head and admitted that my book was the first book he'd ever read. I remember asking if he liked it and all he did was nod.

A couple of years later I ran into that same student in a local bookstore, his arms full of hardbacks, best selling novels and nonfiction books. I got an accusing look and he quiped, "Look what you've done to me. Now I spend all my extra money on books."

If my books convince one young person reading is worthwhile, then my work has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

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January Bain said...

That's lovely Allison. You well deserve all the kudos you get!