Sunday, August 07, 2011

Life is almost back to normal

The kittens have been adopted! They are gone, gone to
good homes and I no longer have to crawl around on the
floor to clean out the cage, nor chase them around the
living room to get them back into the cage. (The
biggest dog crate we could buy.)

In the meantime, great news! WINDSONG, the third of the
"song" books is scheduled for release in November - of this
year! Next is LOVESONG and the plot ideas are building
fast. A short story will be released in December. This
one takes place on the Mississippi River, a short
romantic read, just plain fun to write and I hope fun
to read.

And if you need something else that's quick to read,
with a lot of good book ideas, take a look at the
e-zine magazine from a writing friend. You'll need
Adobe and the tiny URL will take you to the download site.
There's a short story there for a quick read. Enjoy!
"COCKTAILS Fiction and Gossip Magazine"

I'm busy with edits, so I have to run.

Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch
WINDSONG coming in November from Champagne Books

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