Monday, October 03, 2011

Waiting for Galleys

Windsong is finished.

Horray! Edited returned, cover
avaiable, so we wait for the Galleys.

Have you noticed all the mistakes in the print books you
buy lately? I have. Words missing, mispelled, or the wrong
tense. If you notice anything in one of my books, PLEASE
let me know. I intend to read very carefully every word
in the Galleys.

Most people don't know that the author has one final look
at the book before it goes to the printer to become either
a digital or a print book. And I do know when you have
written every word, and read it over and over dozens of
times, you tend to skip over the words. Mistake!

So, I'm waiting patiently....

Well kinda!

Heart-warming Romance with a Sansual Touch
Windsong - release date November 2011
by Champagne Books

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