Thursday, January 26, 2012

At it again

Since the last post, I've been back in the hospital.
Did the bronc thing, but this time I got to go home
with a pic line and 12 days of at-home IV anitbiotics.
At first, I thought, I can't do this, but it was
not difficult at all. No goof-ups, no problems,
no drippers, no clogged tubes. Only one time did
I forget to flush the line and I remembered
before the meds started to flow.

Which just goes to show, if you make up your
mind, you really can do just about anything.

Better now and ready to get on with the taxes.
Stories germinating like crazy and I can hardly
wait to get back to the keyboard to tell more
tales. It should be soon. I have about all the
tax info together. A little bit yet to arrive.
With any luck the PO won't lose anything and
I will escape with no lengthy phone calls to
get the info I need.

Then back to the book. Oh and do I have a
goodie ready to go.

"A Matter of Passion" a short story,
available from Champagne Books

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