Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Here We Go - Again

It isn't June - yet, but already a two tropical storms in the

What does that mean to me?  Why, I live in the south, the deep
south of the US. Hurricanes are bad business. With Karina,
although we were quite a distance from where she came ashore,
the devastation was wide spread. We lost trees, but the worst
part was the loss of electricity for days.

Here in the south it gets hot! Really hot and close to the Gulf
the humidity is often high. Yes I know, we chose to live here.
After all, we don't like cold and snow which we don't have here 
usually. But the thought of no electricity for a week or two is
hard to contemplate. 

No computer, no TV, no Radio, no coffee, no ice, no hot meals.
No hot water for a shower.  I could go on.

After Katrina we bought a generator, but guess what, it runs
on gasoline, and fifteen US dollars keeps it going for about 
eighteen hours. No fun. It reminds me that technology is 
WONDERFUL. God bless the greater inventors who have made
ours lives so incredibly easy and lord help us if we have to do

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