Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life is strange

I lost June and most of July. Just now beginning to catch up.
Problem - Well I knew I had a lung problem, but then I've
had that for years. My lung doctor wanted me to have a
few new heart tests, but Hey! nobody in my family had heart
trouble until they were well passed their life expectancy.
85, 90. 95.  One great grandmother lived to be over a hundred.
I should have listened to my doctor. I lose June and
most of July because I had a serious blockage in the
arteries of the heart. So Open heart surgery and two

The road to recovery is long but each day brings a little
improvement. I hope by the middle of August I can sit
at the computer for more than a half an hour.

I did sell a new book, a contemporary out in May of next
year. I'm starting to work on keeping up with my loops,
so you just might see my around.

And, if you think about, you might offer a little prayer
for my recovery.

I'm offering my prayers in thanks giving that I'm still alive.
It was touchy for awhile.

Allison Knight
Heart-warming Romance with a Sensual Touch

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