Friday, March 22, 2013

Something Brand New!

After too long an absence, I've decided I need a better blogging plan. Instead of rambling about this and that, which I will continue to do occasionally, I intend to share what I've learned over the years in this business of publishing, specifically publishing romance novels. I'll leave the 'short story' business to someone else.

So starting Monday, I'm going to be offering MONDAY'S HELPFUL HINTS DAY! That blog will be available all through the week.

Each week, I'll tackle some aspect of what I've learned, either from a lot of reading, researching the markets, or from my many, many mistakes as I pursued this road to my publishing career.

I make the claim to having learned something because I've being doing this for nearly thirty years, but also because I was published in print, by a New York publisher, Kensington Publishing Company, along with several e-publishing companies, two companies now defunct. I am currently publishing with Wings ePress, Red Rose Publishing and now CBG. (Champagne Book Group) I have book # twenty (20) coming in May or June, with another book awaiting a decision on my editor's desk, book # twenty-two (22) in process (which will be the last of the 'song' books) and two more already started, one taking place in England and one out West both in the mid 1800's. Believe me when I say I've learned a lot about this business.

I promise not to offer pages and pages of do this and don't do that. I'll keep it short and each week, tackle just one little subject. If the subject of the day doesn't interest you, you won't have to read through pages of examples, thinking you might miss something. (I've done that a lot lately. Read through long treatises, hoping to read something new and different.) I won't promise to be different, but I will be short. Count on it.

Please, if I help you, let me know. If there is simple you want clarified or want to ask a question, fire away. As a retired teacher, I've never lost the need to impart knowledge. (sighing) Guess it's in the blood.

See you Monday!

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