Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday's Helpful Hints - Press kits.

Late again. Sorry about this.

Okay, what is a press kit. It's something to give to the press, make available through your web site, send to your publisher, provide to a speaker's group. There are any number of reasons why you should have a press kit available. So what should it include and basically - why?

Yes, I have a press Kit, and yes, I prepared it myself. You can do it yourself, or you can pay to have it done. I don't have the kind of money available to spend on things like a kit when I can do it myself. So what did I use and how did I assemble this advertising medium, because that it what it is. This summarizes your writing career - in detail.

Fist, I started with a clear plastic binder to hold the information. You can get these at any office supply store. Next I printed a copy of the book cover I was presently promoting in good glossy photo paper. Also with everything I printed I used good 24 lb paper. Think of it as a resume for an important job.

I printed a bio, and this was extensive. But it was only about my writing experiences and career, starting with the education classes I took to learn to write fiction. Since I didn't teach English I didn't bother with a description of my teaching experience. Only that I taught high school and recently retired.

I did detail the books I had published, the kind of genre I wrote, and awards I'd received. Next, I included a recently professional photograph of me, a book mark, a list of my published works, a short description of any speaking engagements or appearances I planned, offices held that involved my writing career.

Some authors include a disk of their ebook, or a copy of their print book, but unless the organization you are submitting to, is reviewing books, or is interested in you genre, it might be a waste. That's for you to decide.

Last but not least, I include my online connections, URL's, publisher's URL, and personal contact information.

The object is to look professional, sell yourself and your career. Do you really need a press kit? It's another of those things you have decide for yourself. I decided years ago, I needed one.

I'd love to see what those of you who have press kits would be willing to share.

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Hi Allison. You simplified making a Press Kit. Intend on working on that this weekend.
Marketing - I'm not a blogger, and don't think too highly of FB as far as selling my book.
I'd love to meet writers who have had success "Marketing & Promoting themselves" Did you have any feedback from other writers?
Thanks again Allison for featuring these topics here.