Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Journey

YUCK!  This is not the time to come down with a touch of the flu. Yet, that's what I think I have. The usual, hot, cold, chills, stomach rolling.  Ya'll don't need details. Wouldn't be bad, 'cause I did get a flu shot, but my breathing's not too swift.

I had things to do today, things I didn't get down yesterday that I wanted to accomplish today. They will have to wait another day, it seems.  Wonder if this is going to be the story of my life from this point on. Hmmmmmm.  Food for thought.

We live with the attitude in this house - feel lousy? Get up and get going. You'll feel better.  To which I say, today.  B.S. I tried. I fix my DH breakfast and then that was it. So here I am trying again. I'm not about to quit. Doesn't fit in my vocabulary. I have things to do. I will do them. 

Maybe, if I keep saying it outloud, I can get going here. I'll let you know tomorrow.

I'm intent on doing some more writing - today and tomorrow.  I have a book to finish.

And right now, DH is in his chair, reading the last two chapters I wrote.  I can just imagine all the red marks he's going to make.

I'll end up another YUCK! I'll probably have to rewrite part of those chapters. And the questions. What is the motivation for that, why did the character say that..... There are times when living with your first editor strains your writing creativeness. 


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