Friday, November 08, 2013

The Journey

For those of you who have no faith in the hereafter, you might not want to read any further. I do. It is the only thing that helps through thoughts of dying. You see, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is something more after this.

I have faith that, for all the problems I've had, the pain I've caused others, my faults (and there are many - all you have to do is ask my DH. He can list the worst ones.) there is something better waiting.

Why do I think that? Well, I've always considered myself a logical person. I'm also into science. After all, I did take four years of Chemistry in college. I can not look at reactions, either in the lab, on what takes place everyday, without seeing a organization to it all that has no other explanation for me than a grand designer. I choose to call him God.

Even the ancients believed in some kind of organizer. Nothing that has occurred, is occurring, or will occur, can happen without following  preordained events. It's never happened. So, today I've turned my thoughts to what is coming after my life force, my soul, whatever you choose to call it, leaves my body. Something does leave, that's for sure, because all of a sudden, life as we know it is gone.

That leaves lots of room for speculation, but without that original organizer, you end up floating around with nothing but empty thoughts.

I love the big bang theory. Makes a great deal of sense to me. By one question always intrigues me. How do the theorists who say there is no real beginning explain the mass the suddenly flew apart to make the universe? There had to be a beginning, an organizer, a rule maker, someone to get the explosion started. That someone I call God, and if I go along with that idea, then the rest of my thesis, there is something after this life, hold true. It just makes sense. At least to me. And therein lies the greatest comfort. Something great to look forward to.



Hagg said...

I've always thought that the beauty of our world, the simplicity of the universe, and our love for one another speak louder than anything against it all being a purely random event. I just don't believe in odds that long :-)

I have always been a good debater and once in catholic high school I was chosen to debate against the existence of god. I had this priest I was up agains spitting mad at one point and he blurted, "You can't tell me that without a guiding hand we crawled from the swamp and today we are composing symphonies." Ha, he had me there :-)

Carla Swafford said...