Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Journey

Ya learn something new every day.  Yesterday, with a visit from my hospice nurse, I learned this tiredness I'm feeling is associated with the disease. No one mentions cancer and the exhaustion that goes with it. I don't remember Dad or Mom complaining about being tired.  Maybe this is just with Lung Cancer.  I'll have to ask.

So I have a reason for the unbelievable feeling like I'm going to collapse, or on some day can't take another step. Interesting though, how on one day, not so much, but the next, a 'WOW' explains it best. Getting up to do anything takes a lot of effort. Not good when there is much to do, but people are stepping up to help and that also makes a difference.

Now if I could just figure out how to do the cooking without it taking everything I've got to give for the day....  Yes my DH can cook, if I want canned soup, toast, or scrambled eggs to eat. He can handle a microwave but so far, not too many of those taste like food???  I'm a good cook. No, let me rephrase that, I was a good cook. I did a couple of things that were outstanding. But now, it simply takes too much. Wonder if I could sit and direct. Nay, I'd want to jump up and do, if he wasn't doing it my way. So that probably wouldn't work.

I'll just have to think about this. A solution has to be forthcoming. I'll find it.

Off to write the last few pages of my historical romance.  Almost finished with the first draft. Then to the edits.  YahOOOOO!


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Keep up that writing :-)