Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Journey

DH, sweetheart that he is, helped with breakfast. Then I needed a bit of a rest. I think I dozed for all of about ten minutes. Then a trip to the pharmacy to update all the meds. The cool (no, make that cold) air helped a lot. I came home after a couple of short stops and nope, I didn't get out of the car, feeling more like I belong to the human rest.

The tiredness has been a surprise. I expected pain, not much yet (yes, I'm thanking the Good Lord for that) but I'm so tired.

I did discuss that with the hospice nurse and that's part of it. I mentioned that yesterday. Other than that, I am getting things wrapped up. A good feeling.

I've had an experience with what today is termed a ghost. We had one in our last house. I guess she left a lot unfinished, because she didn't want to leave our house. It had been her house first. Whether that's the case of not, I do not want to leave a lot unfinished. When I go, I want to GO!  None of this staying behind to try and finish things up. That is not for me.



Hagg said...

Thank the lord.

Rita Bay said...

I loved your ghost story on my blog in October. A shame she didn't see the house finished and moved into it. Rita