Friday, November 15, 2013

The Journey

I don't know what happened to yesterday's post. It must be floating out someplace in cyberspace, because it wasn't here.  Sorry about that.  It was a busy day, and I didn't check to see if it posted.

Now, I have a confession to make.  I feel like such a fraud. I don't feel sick. There's almost no pain and only a twinge now and again. Oh, I get very tired, but other than that... But they tell me that's not unusual. So, because I feel decent, I'm getting some of the things wrapped up I needed to do.

Today they, my doctors and nurses started me on a new med. If this is what people take drugs for, forget it! I feel like I'm out in space, floating around. Sleepy, and not quite put together right. Surely, people don't want to feel like this and are willing to pay money to get this way. This is worse than too much to drink, however there are some similarities. Anyway, I don't like it.

My nurse said as my body gets used to it, I'll adjust. I sure hope she's right, because I can't imagine trying to function feeling like this. Maybe the dose is too high.  I'll have to ask her the first of the week if I'm floating over the weekend.

And to my horror, here I was thinking my chapter seventeen was going to be the last chapter of my historical romance. Low and behold, my characters are not ready to call it quits. They want to get married at the end of the book, so the next chapter will be a wedding and then the wrap up, which means I have to go back and read the first book to figure out how old one of the secondary characters would be by the end of the series. Darn, and I don't remember her name either.

A lesson to any author trying to write a series. Keep a list of characters names, ages when they first show up and the time period of the book in which they put in their first appearance. A list like that would really help me now, because, once I've written and published the book, I don't go back and read it again.

Funny really, because I do reread my favorite authors over and over. I could list maybe ten or fifteen authors whose books I've read at least twice, some three or four times. Well, a good book is always
worth a second or third reading.  Like a good movie. You can watch it over and over, even though you know how it ends,

See, the meds are playing tricks with my mind. I'm rambling. No novel writing for me today, because it probably wouldn't make sense.


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Carla Swafford said...

Don't forget Stephen King was high a kite when he wrote some of his earlier NYT best sellers. :-D