Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Journey

Strange day. Not sure how I feel today. Cold, tired, definite weaker than normal. We'll call it a bad day. But interesting, as everything about this is. I have what feeling like a band around my stomach, just across the front. Those of you old enough to remember wearing a girdle would get the same sensation. I said a strange day.

Enough of that. I just finished a book about life after death. Every Monday, someone from our church comes to pray and bring communion to us. The minister brought a book for me to read. This one is by Eben Alexander. All I can say is WOW! Anyone who even suspects this world is it, ought to read that book. What he describes is unbelievable. He had a Near Death Experience, and this guy is a neurosurgeon. He lost me in some parts because he got so medically technical, but the message was loud and clear.

Well, the steam has just run out. Back to my recliner. Looks like the wedding will have to wait until tomorrow. (Lovesong of course)



Allison Knight said...

Thanks to all of you following me on this journey. My only hope is that it will help someone out there.


Rita Bay said...

Rest yourself, Allison. BTW, I'm absolutely certain about life after death. What can I say -I'm a Catholic with a conscience. Rita

Hagg said...

Enjoy that recliner Allison. Hope it's staying comfortable for you.