Friday, November 22, 2013

The Journey

Well, today sucked! All the meds I'm taking are doing a job on the digestive track. Spent a good part of the day in the bathroom. The other half wondering which drug was responsible. Things seemed to have quieted down now, and my nurse is checking again to see if there are any conflicts. Lord! I hope she finds out which one.

In the meantime, I did work on Lovesong yesterday. I have to wrap the story up, and all right, I know what I want to do, but not quite sure yet how I want to do it. And I'm trying to get DH to take pictures of my sewing machine. Since none of my girls do any sewing, in fact, looks like that's going to be a lost art, I'm seriously thinking of putting it on ebay. But, that requires pictures and DH is more concerned about me, than my machine.  (grinning) I talking about the one I used to make clothes, not the one deciding to slow done.

I will admit, this tired business is coming as a complete shock. I always poo-poo'ed  daytime naps. and going to bed before eleven. All I ever needed was a solid six hours. Not any more. Good heavens. I'm taking a nap occasionally, Me! Looks like I'll have to eat those words. And bedtime. Well, I've already admitted that it's early to bed now for me. By eight o'clock, thoughts of snuggling under a blanket start to sound awfully good. Hmmmmm  Now when will I read? 'Cause I always had a book ready to dive into after the kids were down and lesson plans, dishes, and anything else left over during the day got finished up. My treat to myself. Time to spend with a book. And that was always later, at night. Long after eight o'clock. This needs some serious thinking.  Off to think about making time to read.


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Rita Bay said...

Sleep and rest but remember I'm holding my breath for Lovesong, so get to work. Rita