Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Journey

What a difference a day makes! My digestive system has settled down, I had a good night's sleep, and I'm raring to go. Of course, not too far. But I fixed breakfast this morning. Bacon, eggs, potatoes with onions, toast and juice. A well rounded breakfast. I'll have to check to see what I weigh now after my not hungry days. Probably won't be much.  (grinning) Not the way to lose weight. And I'm now pooped! But I'll quit complaining about the tiredness. It's part of the game!

Now, I'm ready to finish Lovesong. Then the edits, the transfers, code removal, and off to the editor. And the regency time period novel?  It's next.

Good news. My youngest, with his two younguns' and my granddaughter are coming in a couple of weeks. When you live soooooo far apart you don't get to see them often, like years...  I know I won't recognize the kids, and they probably won't remember me. (Sigh) That's the trouble with our modern society. We live so far away from each other. I can remember when visiting my aunts was just a trip down the alley, maybe seven or eight houses away. But those days are long gone. Now we measure distance to relatives in hours and miles, not houses.

Another thing about getting ready for the end. You think a lot about the past. How it used to be. And I really feel sorry for our offspring. They may never know the freedom of going out in the morning, playing all day, home for lunch, back out to play until dark. No helmets when on a bike, no mothers screaming for you to come home or stay in your own yard, no worry about kidnappings, no locking of doors. If you had to go to the bathroom and you were playing several houses from home, you didn't run home, you ask to use the neighbor's bathroom. And they never refused.

Opps, there was always the one curmudgeon that everyone stayed away from. He (it was usually a he) was just plain nasty. All the kids avoided him like a plague. Nor did anyone dare to ever ask him for anything. You just stayed away. What a shame. Now that I think about it, maybe a little friendship would have changed his attitude.

On to Lovesong!


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Rita Bay said...

Kids today really miss something without the extended family. Lord only knows what it will do to our society