Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Journey

Better day today. My digestive track seems to feel like it's ready to quit the revolt. Thank the Lord! My appetite is back, so that's good too. Still dumb-founded by the lack of energy. That must be part of it.

Got a chance to reflect again on the book I mentioned by Dr. Alexander. He listed a couple of others that I just might read. There is still that time trying to find a time to read. I did manage to stay up until after nine last night, and today, (to my shock,) I took a two hour nap. Me? a Nap? Reverting to my early childhood.

And although it's Saturday, it seems there is no Alabama game to watch. You really have to be living in Alabama to understand that statement.  (grinning) Gotta check on the Auburn game, Maybe tonight. And yes I am a football fan.

Started on the very last part of Lovesong yesterday, but not going to get to do much to it today. I have to do a bit of research to make sure my dates match, then I can write the END.

Just thinking about the END is uplifting and in a way significant. I want to start on another book when Lovesong is finished, And when they write the END to my life I will begin a new Journey.
And yes, you do get reflective as the end of life as we know it approached. As my brother-in-law said as he was dying over a year ago, also of cancer, kinda looking forward to what's next.


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Rita Bay said...

So looking forward to Lovesong. The series is fantastic.
Hope DH is holding up OK. Let the sewing machine wait. You might be surprised that a daughter or grandchild might like to have it because it's yours. Rest well!