Friday, November 29, 2013

The Journey

Great Thanksgiving.  The quick fix meal was really good. It could have been a little hotter, but the meat was tender, the carrots yummy (but then I love carrots,) the onions and shallots cooked to perfection. The sausage dressing (see Wed. post) is almost gone, and I really liked Marie Calendar's pumpkin pie. We were pleased, I didn't get too tired and everybody enjoyed the meal.  Yeah!

Today I feel really good. The sun is shining, Lovesong is finished and I'm ready to start edits - okay so I said that Wednesday, but I will today, and I got a slue of phone calls out of the way this am.

My hospice nurse and their doctor (an oncologist) think they know what the rubber band in the diaphragm is all about. I'm now on more pills - sigh! But the meds seem to help and an xray next week should confirm their suspicions. I'll let you know. I'm still pooping out in the afternoon, so it will be an order a pizza delivered tonight.

Then of course, tomorrow is the BIG GAME! Okay, I've said it before. In Alabama we have two seasons. Football season and the rest of the year. Tomorrow pitches the two Alabama teams at each other and I suspect the winner will go to the championship game. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have a book to edit and yes, I'm going to start on that in a minute or two.


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