Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Journey

Don't you love it? The oldest goes home early this am, (he came for Thanksgiving and to help with things around the house) and about two hours after he leaves, I start the laundry. Wouldn't you know it? The washing machine leaks.  Water everywhere. Husband locates problem.  Laundry delayed, sheets not yet on the bed and poor DH now has to fix leaking washing machine and at eighty he's not in much better shape them me. Ah, life!

Still waiting to start the edits.  And dang it! The game starts in two hours. Another comment - Ah, life!

Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and scream. The washing machine should be a simple fix if he can get the right part.  Big if.  I think we went through this a couple of years ago and they didn't make what he needs. So, we ended up with a Goldberg kind of fix. I guess it's time for another - Goldberg fix that is.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The new pills seem to be helping with the rubber band sensation. Thank goodness. I now have several other things I have to do instead of edits.  (sigh)  I will get to them. I will get to them.  I will get to them.

I figure if I say it enough times, I'll get so tired of seeing it, I'll just do it. Part of this might be, because I had edits.  Don't we all.

Okay, the bed awaits, or what I can do in spurts. At least I can work in spurts.

Off to spurt.  (grinning)


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Rita Bay said...

Life can be a bitch. Sorry about the washer. DD moved into her condo and mover installed the washer and broke the whole pipe. Water poured into the condo below. What a mess!!