Friday, December 13, 2013

The Journey

All I can say is, if the weather men are correct, thank the Lord they started home today - instead of tomorrow. It looks like the snow storm with ice, wind, and lots of snow will hit the mid-west later tonight and all day tomorrow. If they went home as planned, I would have been basket case until I knew they made it home okay. Besides, their fourteen/ fifteen  hour trip would have taken twenty hours or more.

The visit was wonderful and as I said yesterday, everyone looked great. I did enjoy myself and even my hospice nurse doesn't think I suffered a bit with all the confusion and the cooking and the crowd. She was pleased again with my progress.

Also, she added more information about my progressive disease. I commented that I really thought I would have more pain. She said sometimes people don't have much pain until the very end and they control that. Except for this silly elastic band which no one has figured out yet, I'm not doing badly at all.  We went to the store for a quick in and out this morning and I got along fine. But other than grocery shopping I don't go out.

It's a good thing we have the computer and I have online shopping.  (grinning) DH has his printer thanks to online shopping.  I do my banking in the digital world. And I'm recording thoughts and feelings as a result. There are times when I'll admit I love the technical world. Today is one of them.
(still grinning)  Of course, I'm still using windows 7. I am not about to tackle #8 until they do some improving, not after all the words my DH has been using working through the system.

Now back to what I should be doing.  (Editing) Oh, I wasn't going to mention that.


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Rita Bay said...

I guess you were born to edit. Sounds like you've recovered from the visit. Catch up on your rest. I did most of my shopping online, especially since the sales are the same or better. I could have had WIndows 8 for $15 because I bought a computer just before 8 was released and the upgrade was basically free. Didn't bother with it. Check in later. Rita